Primal Pop-Up

Unleash a splash of color wherever you are with Primal Pigment’s “Primal Pop-Up” option, where the fun comes to you! Let us brush up your event with vibrant paint battles and neon-lit creativity, ensuring a masterpiece of a time that’s sure to leave everyone pigmenting their memories for years to come!

We Bring The Fun To You!

At Primal Pigment, we’ll bring the excitement directly to you, ensuring hassle-free fun and boundless creativity wherever you are! With our “Primal Pop-Up” option, let us transform your event into a vibrant masterpiece, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience without any of the stress.

Primal Pop-Up
$699 for 10 artists

  • Delivery, set up, take down
  • All splatter paint supplies
  • Suits, mask, and clean up station
  • Boxes for wet art
  • Two staff members

$299 for each additional 10 artists

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