Frequently Asked Questions

Hey there, splatter enthusiasts! Got burning questions? Peep our FAQ section for all the deets on everything from booking to neon-lit adventures. Don’t trip, we’ve got you covered with the 411 on all things Primal Pigment!

What is Primal Pigment?

Primal Pigment is a one of a kind neon paint experience! Painters will suit up in protective gear and enter the paint room to create a splatter paint work of art that they will get to take home with them. Once in the room, create your masterpiece by splashing and flinging one of our eight paint colors and expressing your inner primal artist.

How long is the experience?

The entire experience will take approximately one hour. This does not include dry time for the painting in our allmighty drying machine. The hour experience includes selecting your artistic arsenal, suiting up in paint protective gear, splatter painting your canvas and friends, plus clean-up!

What will I need to wear?

This experience will require some movement, and our suits can get a little warm! We recommend something light and comfortable! We also recommend flat tennis shoes, boots and heeled shoes could be challenging to get into our protective gear!

Is there an area for me to change?

We have a dressing room where you and your group will change into your paint resistant suits together. However, if you prefer to suit up privately, we have two private bathrooms as a substitute..

Am I going to get dirty?

Although you will be provided with a paint resistant suit, there is still a chance that paint will end up on skin, clothing or shoes. However, the paint is water based and will wash off of skin and out of most fabrics. If you do happen to get paint on any of your clothes, it is best practice to wash immediately and not allow the paint to fully dry.

How messy will I get?

The level of chaos is up to you! The room is yours to get as messy as you please!

Where is Primal Pigment located?

Primal Pigment is located at 722 Allegheny River Blvd, Verona PA 15147 on the Lower Level of the building. There is only stair access to Primal Pigment at this time.

What is the age range?

We recommend 3 years old and above for this experience, but will leave this up to parental discretion. Any groups with participants under 12 years old must have at least one adult present in the building for the duration of the activity. Painters should be able to paint their canvas on their own to fully enjoy this activit

How much does it cost?

A base package paint experience is $44.99 per person with the opportunity to purchase additional add on’s. Also, check out our package deals for extra savings and more fun ways to play!

What will I need to bring?

All you will need to bring is you, your friends and a readiness to have tons of fun painting a canvas and each other!

Can I do it without black light?

We can add additional lighting in the room; however, the black light is part of the experience. While black light splatter paint can be disorienting to some, the door which you enter will always be unlocked in case any painter needs to take a break. But if you really want it off, we got your back!

Are my tickets refundable?

The tickets to this experience are non-refundable. Within 72 hours we will be happy to rebook you to a new date and time that works for the participants in your group. Additionally, we are happy to pre-book your group but will require an $80 non-refundable deposit to reserve your booking on the specific date and time.